As a hotel operator, you know that good security is critical to ensuring your guests have a safe stay and to mitigating risks within your operation. 5D Networks is a hotel technology expert and from our extensive experience in installing and maintaining technology in hotels, here are the most important security and tech considerations.

CCTV that is Easily Monitored and Secure

You probably already have closed circuit cameras (CCTV) in the public areas and entrances of your property. However, getting CCTV installed is just the first step in using the system to enhance your security and risk management. You need to be able to easily monitor the system to be able to respond to issues. This means planning a well thought out set up for a single person easily to monitor. In addition, you will want to be able to easily review footage, in case of an incident. This also means planning how to securely store the data and for how long.

Data Security and Management is a Must

This is a big one. Besides data from your CCTV, you will have a vast amount of data from your guests, that likely includes contacts and addresses, credit cards, and booking history. With all this data it’s no wonder that hotels are common targets of cyber attacks. Storing data securely in the cloud with proper redundancy and access protocols is a must. This means that your system is set up with regular backups, passwords are changed regularly, and you stay on top of updates and maintenance. Having all this data allows you to better serve your guests and more profitably operate the property but it must be managed to eliminate the risk of a data breach. This can be done by scheduling regular maintenance and data security audits.

Electronic Key Cards that are Easily Managed

Key cards are a great way to easily manage who has access to the hotel, which floors and what rooms. There should be a mechanism for tracking and auditing all key usage.

Wifi Security is Critical

Guest Wifi is a must have these days for both guests and staff. That said, it is critical to properly segment who has access to what systems. The Wifi network your staff and operations devices connect to must be separate from the one for your guests. You want to ensure there is a secure divide between the network guests access and the one your staff uses to process payments or record guest booking details. One way to do this is with a VLAN (virtual local area network). In addition, you may consider having separate networks for hotel guests versus those using the restaurant or spa. Again, regularly updating passwords on the networks will improve security.

Security and Technology That Works As One

The ideal scenario for your security and technology systems is to be integrate. It is essential that they work closely together to actively manage the risks and ensure your systems and data are secure.

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