Bad WiFi is the Top Complaint

“Can’t connect to WiFi”, “Internet is too slow”, or some variation consistently ranks among the top guest complaints at hotels. In today’s ultra connected world we all expect seamless WiFi wherever we go, whether it’s to the coffee shop, a restaurant, the office, school, even waiting for the ferry. For hotel guests to expect anything less would be ludicrous. Good connectivity is a must for business travellers who need to work. It is also critical for vacationers who want to pull up a map, check out potential restaurants, book a day trip or adventure activity. If accessing WiFi is painful, it can ruin the entire experience.

Multiple Devices = More Demand

Over the past decade, the network demands of a typical traveller have increased exponentially. We carry a cell phone, have a laptop for work, or a tablet for the kids to watch. There is also an expectation that all these devices can be connected at once, pushing network resources. In addition, the expansion of the internet of things (IoT) means standard rooms often have several connected devices, such as the thermostat, lights, or smart locks. All this means is that hotels need a very robust network that can deliver the high-speed connectivity that guests demand.

WiFi6 Is the Future

WiFi6 is the next generation of WiFi. It offers significantly increased speed – 30% faster – and can handle the heavy device load expected today. With WiFi 6, your property can leverage in-room technology to provide better service, driving positive guest reviews and repeat business. This is why 5D recommends and installs WiFi6 connectivity for our hotel clients. With research finding that WiFi was more important to potential guests than a free breakfast or even free parking, isn’t it time to think about how to offer the best in class?

The 5D Edge

Beyond the Wi-Fi, most hotels have complex internet requirements for security, keys, etc. If there is more than one vendor, there is a tendency to pass the buck when disruptions occur. By consolidating all your needs under one vendor like 5D offers more consistent and quicker support.

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