Case Studies

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdown beginning in 2020 forced the Celebration Life Church to find new ways to connect with their community members. The church really needed to support and communicate with its members in an urgent and real way to mitigate the effect of the pandemic, through technology.


In Canada, the average church has 75 to 125 participants. Celebration Life Church in Surrey had 140 between 160 in 2020, with members from over 19 countries. This church has a large voice in the community, serving many community members including single parents, seniors, and providing over 100 meals this past Christmas.

This church community is a unique congregation with many new refugees from Syria, Sudan and other war-torn areas. Many suffered from mental health problems, with PTSD and anxiety, and were triggered by the pandemic lockdown. Sadly, the local church community in Surrey experienced six suicides in the first five weeks.

Pastor Gwen Dreger recognized the immediate need for support and connection. Her volunteer staff called every church member every two weeks but realized that they needed to connect even more with a unique in-person situation to fulfill the needs of their congregations. This is where 5D Networks provided a solution.


Pastor Gwen decided to hold a drive-in Church service in their parking lot, with participants safe in their cars. In this way, people could see each other, and listen to the service through the new outdoor Wi-Fi service. 5D Networks installed four Wi-Fi points, one inside the church and three outside. This provided strong coverage throughout the church and parking lot. Participants used their iPads or phones to participate in the service. They were given the Wi-Fi code, and how-to-tune-in instructions as they drove in. It was a big stretch for the church technology-wise, it but did exactly what was needed.

“People were broken, and the crisis was large. 5D provided the means for people to see each other and for us to continue to hold services. 5D came in so quickly, setup the outdoor Wi-Fi network within three days for the parking lot, and we are still using this technology today. Thank you 5D Networks”

Pastor Gwen Dreger

“This install meant a lot to me because I believe in supporting the community and spirituality is important to people.”

Athena Molina, CEO, 5D Networks



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