We are here to give rural municipalities strong telecom connectivity. Building infrastructure from the ground up dedicated to you and your specific needs.

Western Canada has many underserved rural areas that do not qualify for Federal Grants for infrastructure builds.  The areas often only have DSL available with no real high-speed Internet Options. 

We are targeting these areas to create community fibre networks partially sponsored by the community but built and owned by 5D Networks. 

This puts us in the position of being the Incumbent Telecom Fibre provider.  When you own the network, the margin are much higher than being a reseller on someone else’s network.

Target Market

We have identified communities that would endorse our network build opportunity.  These are towns with approximately 1000 homes and 100 or more businesses. 

These are communities that fit the bill:

  • Ashcroft
  • Barriere
  • Keremeos
  • Okanagan Falls
  • Logan Lake
  • Clearwater
  • Bowen Island
  • Fraser Lake

Competitive Advantage

  • Experience – broad technical knowledge
  • Willingness and expertise to work in small towns
  • Open new markets that are currently underserved by big players
  • Additional revenue streams from managed IT services
  • Solve problems big ISPs won’t