Ed Clunn

CTO, Founder


Ed Clunn has accumulated 40 years of Technology experience with a focus on Computers and Telecommunications. He has been responsible for the programming and design of several innovative Computer Telephony solutions. He has also been involved in the design and implementation of a variety of telephony products including the first Internet triggered Call back system. He has written software for, implemented, and deployed many Centrex based call control platforms, used primarily by the Flat rate, long distance companies throughout North America.  He has also been responsible for the design and implementation of several Voice over IP systems spanning the Pacific rim. 

Mr. Clunn has accumulated a great deal of experience in the design and operation of the Billing systems associated with operating a long-distance service and has written software that continues to provide these services today.  He has spearheaded the design and implementation of point to point, ATM, Internet and VPN type networks for both voice and data traffic.  He has spent time in both the Research and Development and the practical side of the telecommunications industry. He has been directly involved in the streaming system design and integration process.  He has negotiated important agreements with vendors, customers and strategic partners. He has designed and implemented a variety of streaming solutions beginning with the stream of Euro news in the late 1990’s.

Mr. Clunn developed the Galaxy Encoder software that has powered many live streaming video experiences on the Internet including the famed Hornby Island Eagle’s nest of 2006.  Mr. Clunn has developed and tested live television transmission systems that allow the bypass of traditional (expensive) satellite transmission facilities. 

Business turnaround and financing have been the focus of the last few years, including staff and cash flow adjustments to make Uniserve Communications Corp. profitable again after many years of losses.  This includes fund raising.  He has been instrumental in arranging mortgages and business financing in excess of $30 million over the last few years.