Athena Molina

CEO, Founder


As a strong businesswoman, Athena is the driving force behind 5D Networks. 5D Networks was brought to life in the early Fall of 2020 by Ms. Molina with a strong long-term vision. Having only 3 employees in the beginning, 5D grew successfully in the 1st year.

With her charismatic and energetic magnetism, people have always been naturally drawn to her. She has used this natural gift in keeping customers happy and their voices heard.

The key to a company’s success is to build a strong team and she has gathered experts in all areas of the telecom business to support 5D’s goals.
Self-disciplined and hard working, Athena has an extensive background of over 18 years in working in sales, project management, financial planning, customer relations, marketing, and social media marketing.

She has a keen eye for design and marketing. She understands the algorithm and the procedure of performing a computation on high internet media platforms. She is well known in social media marketing and has worked with influencers and small businesses with promotion, sales traction and reaching a larger audience.

With her warm personality and drive, Ms. Molina was the top performing salesperson for a surveillance company. She started with inside sales and her success brought her to outside sales travelling to a few states in the US, going as far as Alabama.

Working in the transportation industry for several years, Athena worked in customer service and handled all quotas for a transportation company that serviced within all of BC. She built such great relationships and bonds with customers; they would always request her. When issues arose, customers
wanted to speak directly with her because of her ability to handle the situation promptly.

While in her role as founder of 5D and primary business generator, Ms. Molina has acquired extensive experience in hands on network design, implementation, and management. She does not hesitate to get involved in the gritty process of major equipment installation and deployment.

In the early days, the small 5D group led by Ms. Molina, designed, delivered, and installed every IT component in a Hotel still under construction. This covered wiring, security, telecom, network, and door locks. She had hands on experience with each aspect.

She has a unique ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships. As we know, sales, focus, and self-discipline are the key to any company’s success. Ms. Molina has all these attributes.