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Guest WiFi

Your guests now have an expectation that they will be able to access WiFi in your hotel and that it will be capable of providing at least as good an experience as they get at home. This can be challenging, but fast and hassle free guest WiFi can set you apart as a hotel.

Hotel Guest WiFi

Enable your wider team to provide a better service.

Take advantage of secure hotel WiFi to alert your housekeeping team of room checkouts, give your reception team the technology needed to provide faster, remote check-ins during busy periods and give your property maintenance team access to their list of tasks wherever they are on your property. Your entire team will be more productive and that will have a positive effect on the service they can provide.

Satisfied guests, especially business guests, who all demand reliable WiFi.

Studies show that business travellers will not return to a hotel if they either can't connect to WiFi or if they have a frustrating experience with your hotel WiFi. Leisure guests are more forgiving, but even they report that they would be reluctant to revisit a hotel with poor WiFi connectivity. By having a reliable WiFi solution, your hotel will benefit from more, repeat visits from both business and leisure guests, as well as benefit from the revenue generated by guests staying longer.

Improved customer reviews.

Fast and efficient WiFi has the ability to transform a guest's visit and that will lead to improved reviews on all important websites such as Trip Advisor. The more positive reviews guests have about your hotel WIFi, the more likely other guests will be to visit knowing that they will be able to do more than just download emails should they want or need to.

Gain valuable customer insight.

By offering reliable Hotel WiFi, you will be able to uncover important information about your guests, such as how often they visit your hotel and their usage patterns. Additionally, you can collect their contact details for marketing activities in a GDPR compliant way.

Our compliant hotel WiFi solutions will provide you with the control you need, offering simple login options, extensive content filtering and social media integration, giving you a secure and reliable platform to better engage with and please your guests.

A fast and safe WiFi network is essential for your hotel to compete.

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