Internet & Phone Packages

5D Networks in partnership with Blenz Coffee is excited to offer the below special package exclusively to Blenz locations.

This package provides the ideal setup of Internet and phone required to operate your store. Competitively priced with 24 hour support line included.

// Package


Cell Network Back Up – If your Internet goes out the cell network will kick in, business as usual with no interruption in service.

Internet – 75 Mbps down 7.5 Mbps up
Guest WiFi – By Logichotspot
Phone – All telephone service includes North American flat rate calling.
One time setup fee: $200

Additional Package Add - Ons

Security $199

Security cameras start at $199, provide 4K recording, and remote monitoring, additional costs for installation will apply.

Payment information.

Once the form has been received, a company representative will contact you directly for your credit card information (Visa / MasterCard).

Note:  no work will begin until all necessary information has been received.